Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Err is Human

Through one man sin entered the world, and through sin, death, and thus death came to all men, inasmuch as all sinned.
Romans 5:12
When someone dies, we often try and comfort ourselves by saying things like 'death is natural,' 'dying is a part of living.' But death is not natural. When God created humans, He created them to live forever. We were never supposed to die. Death entered the world through sin, the sin of Adam and Eve. If they had not sinned, we would not have to die.

Because man sinned, we have death. And because of Jesus' death, we have life. I find that fascinating. The very thing that was never supposed to be a part of our nature, is the thing Jesus uses to save us. The result of our biggest mistake turns out to also be our saving grace. God took that mistake, and used it for something wonderful.

He can do that with us too. Every little mistake, God can take and turn it around and use it for good. Forgot to buy fries at the store? Here's your chance to make a healthier alternative. That bag of clothes you keep forgetting to drop off at the charity store? Your friend who just lost her job could really use them now. Forgot to take your camera to the latest school event? Now you have time for that mom who really needs someone to talk to.

So the next time you make a mistake, first, don't beat yourself up about it. We're human, and we have been making mistakes from the very beginning. Instead, take a step back, and see if you can see how God may want to use that mistake for His purpose. What good can come of that mistake? How is God going to turn it around? Work with Him. Adam sinned and death entered the world. Jesus died, and gave us life everlasting. With God, all things are possible.

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