Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Waiting Game

Incline your ear to me, make haste to deliver me!
Psalm 31:3
Lord listen to me! Hurry up and help me out of this situation! Is this a familiar prayer for you? I know it is for me. I believe humans are impatient by nature, and I suffer deeply with it. When I have a problem, I want it fixed now! I hate to wait.

There are three answers to any prayer: 'yes', 'no', or 'not yet'. I think the last one is sometimes the hardest to hear. Lord find me a wife. Not yet. Lord help me get this promotion. Not yet. Lord bless us with a child. Not yet. I was 29 when Jesus called me to follow Him. And I didn't even know I had been waiting all that time. That doesn't make waiting any easier for me. I still want God to answer my prayers right away. I want an immediate resolution.

But the best things DO come to those who wait. Mary had to wait nine months for Jesus' arrival. The Apostles had to wait three days for His resurrection, and then another 40 days after His Ascension for the descent of the Holy Spirit. And we wait now for His glorious return. God works in His own time. Don't be afraid to ask for things from Him, but be prepared to be patient.

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